The westward expansion

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In 1783, the United Kingdom declared the American independence. And six years after, in 1789, George Washington became the first president of United Statesof America. At the same time, the constitution was voted. The westward expansion consist of an appropriation through force of an huge territory, whiwh stretched out in North merica, betweenMississippi and the Pacific Ocean. This land, with a progressively colonisation of her estates, the purchases of her land like Louisiana and Florida and the war like California, will be under the american'ssovereignty in 127 years, from 1783 to 1910.

I) The Expansion :
In 1783, the american nation was only stationned along the Atlantic's shoreline.
After the presidency of Washington, the territoryenlarged a lot: between 1791 and 1803, there was the creation of four new states. In 1803, USA bought the Louisiana to the French. This colony represented in this time many states like Missouri, Iowa,Minnesota, Kansas and some part of seven other states. At present, this purchase represents 22% of the actual territory of USA.
One year later, Lewis and Clark began their expedition who started inIllinois and finished at the pacific coast. They returned in 1806 and they really helped the geographic knowledge. The USA didn't take part about the Napoleon's war against Great Britain. But GreatBritain 's stubbornness to forbid trade between France and USA provoked war in 1812. The war ended with Gand's treaty in December 1814. This conflict had created a strong nationalist feeling in the USAand put an end to the european 's predominance on american politics department. In 1836 there was a riot in Texas which was incorporated in USA in 1845. That why the war between USA and Mexico began.But, in the aim of peace, USA sent a messenger in Mexico to propose 25millions dollars for California, Arizona and the New-Mexico. Mexican had never answered. The war started in 1846 and finished on...