The young vagrant

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Nature of the document.

This document is an extract from a novel entitled Therapy, written by the English author David Lodge and published in 1995.

General presentation.The scene takes place in a building of the West End of London, in contemporary London.
The narrator is a man who lives in this building. He must be a middle-aged man since he keeps referring to theother character as “young”. He lives in a comfortable flat (equipped with a video entryphone) and seems to be quite proud to live in London’s West End (an exclusive district) so he must belong to theupper middle-class. There is another character who is a long-haired young man with a pointed, foxy face, who has decided to spend the night in the narrator’s porch. The narrator also hints that eventhough he is homeless, he is rather well-dressed and his sleeping bag seems to be quite comfortable.

Organisation of the text.

The text can be divided into three parts:
- from line 1 toline 12, the narrator tells us how he came to discover the young man and describes him;
- from line 13 to line 27, he describes his own feelings in front of this scene;
- from line 28 to theend, he gives a more general reflexion about what he considers as a new type of homeless persons.

Part 1.

The narrator explains that he likes to use his video entryphone to have a look at thepeople walking in the street, and that is how he discovered the young man sleeping in his porch. We can say that he did not expect to see a young man sleeping in his porch: he uses the phrase blow me toexpress his surprise. Indeed, Even though the narrator hints that it is the sort of thing that could have happened, he says that he has never seen anyone there before because the porch is too small(l. 8-9). However, this detail did not seem to bother the young man since he was sitting up instead of lying down.

Part 2.

The narrator says that he was startled and furious because the young...