Thiepval memorial

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I) History & Construction
The Thiepval Memorial is situating next to the Thiepval Wood and the Thiepval Chateau. It dominates the rural scene.The Thiepval Memorial was built between 1928 and 1932 by an English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was the British Government who wanted thismonument. The Memorial is 45 meters high. It has 16 piers of white stones from Portland, which are engraved with the nouns of exactly 73,367British soldiers, who were missing. The Thiepval Memorial was inaugurated in 1932 by The Prince of Wales in the presence of the French President AlbertLebrun. There are lots of inscriptions on the Thiepval Memorial. Behind the Memorial, there are the French cemetery and the British cemetery.The both have 300 graves of unknown soldiers. In the French cemetery, graves were represented by a white cross with this inscription “Inconnu”. Onthe inscription of the known French graves there is the soldier’s name, then the rank and the unit, then a remark like “died serving France” andat the end the date of death.

II) Remembrance
There are only two commemorations in The Thiepval Memorial. One on 1st July, for theanniversary of the 1st day on the Somme. The second one on 11th November for the end of the World War 1. In 1196 for the 90 anniversary of the Battle ofthe Somme, the prince of England, Charles Windsor, came to the Thiepval Memorial for a commemoration. It was the biggest event at Thiepval.