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Thomas Hewitt
Today I’m gonna share with you the story of the worst serial killer from Texas, Thomas Hewitt, known as Leatherface. This story is known to The Texas ChainsawMassacre because Thomas used mostly a chainsaw to kill his victims.
Thomas Hewitt was born August 7th, 1939 inside the Blair Meat Co. The child was born with severe physical deformities and his motherdied soon after giving birth. The manager of the plant left the child in a dumpster outside the building. Luda May Hewitt discovered the baby and took him with her.
Thomas grew up at the Hewittresidence with Luda’s love, but the rest of the Hewitt family didn’t treat him fine. Over the years, Thomas Hewitt experienced great hardship due not only to his physical deformity, but also sufferedsevere mental impairment as well. This, in combination with the macabre living conditions that he was subject to, had averse effects on his psyche. One example of this included Thomas' penchant fortrapping and skinning small animals. He even developed and interest in wearing animals’ skin as clothes, headwear and other ornamentation (such as necklaces made out of teeth). As a teenager, Thomas was thetarget of tremendous ridicule by his peers. His teachers at the town school tried their best to help him adjust, but even they agreed that Thomas was "beyond learning".
As an adult, Tommy Hewittbegan working as a butcher at the same meat packing plant where he was born. In 1969, health inspectors closed the plant down, and the manager instructed Tommy to leave the factory. For reasons unknown,Hewitt went berserk and killed his employer with a sledgehammer . Charlie Hewitt, his father, learned what had happened and knew that the local sheriff, Winston Hoyt, was looking to arrestTommy. To ensure his son's freedom, Charlie murdered Hoyt and took his place as town sheriff. By the early 1970s, murder had become a commonplace activity for the members of the Hewitt family....