Tickety boo : marketing study

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Task A
Target market & Customer profile

The target market that could be define for Tickety Boo are middle aged women, between 25 and 40, from middle class and upper, urbantype.

|Lifestyle Characteristics |Psychological Characteristics |Consumer Characteristic |
|Value personal growth|Growth oriented |Receptive to new products |
|Wide intellectual interests |Open to change|Skeptical of advertising |
|Leisure center on home |Reflective |Little interest in image or prestige ||Value education |Open minded |Like educational and public affairs programming|
|Health conscious |Valueknowledge and responsibility |on TV |
|Politically moderate | ||
|Tolerant | | |

Task B

Tickety-Boo is a firm based in the United Kingdom that sales tea, giving almost all its profit to charities like Jubilee Action, that protect and care of people in need.
The humancharacteristics associated to the brand are solidarity, charity and altruism? Thanks to its values, the firm takes a more human dimension and consumers can feel closer and concerned.
In order to build thebrand identity, it is useful to associate it with a famous name and face. Mélanie Laurent is a french actress, well known of general public. She's easily associated to the target Tickety-Boo is...