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The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger
Arthur Conan Doyle

The story takes place late in the year on 1896. One day Sherlock Holmes hasthe visit from Mrs Merrilow. She asks him to meet her tenant, Mrs Ronder who never goes out she and has the veiled face. He agrees to comewith doctor Watson to accompany him. On the road, Holmes explains to Watson whom Mrs Ronder's face is horribly mutiled because of anaccident and that her husband died at the same moment. Both men arrive to Mrs. Ronder. She invites them to sit down and begins to tell them herstory. Mrs. Merrilow worked in a circus as a rider with her husband. They had for habits to feed a beautiful and big lion the evening. Thealcohol returned violent Mr Merrilow and catches his wife. She got closer to a man Leonardo an athlete of the circus and he became hislover. A day, Mr and Mrs. Merrilow took care of the lion and it attacked them. He killed Mr Merrilow and destroyed the face of Mrs. Merrilow.Mrs. Merrilow admitted at both men that she had planned the death of her husband with Leonardo but that things one badly turned. Leonardo hada mass with nails in the shape of leg of lion to persuade a profound scratch in Mr Merrilow's head. The smell of the blood go bersek thelion and it attacked the face of Mrs. Merrilow. The circus artists ran up to help him . She stayed six months without being able to testify.