To launch a study on quality

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.They would like to launch a study in order

(i) to manage the inventory

-Decrease the stock of unsold products by reducing the cancellation of orders = make the deposit an obligation for theCustomer.

Using a more centralized command system, on-line and distance sell system (catalogue)

Increase the level
decrease the number of offered products in a way to imrpove the margin and(increase economy of scales ).
Introducing a better control of the command = DEPOSIT = guaranty to be paid at the end of the

(ii) to deliver the orders with a better quality of service.Cross dock to reduce both costs and delivery time
Shedulling and cotrolling the inventory
workforce planning

Control of the quality at the final steps of the process in a way to reducethe problems linked to any return of the finished goods. Re Use of the default product in the process

(i) decrease the delivery times by shedulling the workforce according to the informaticsystem ...
(ii) a strong decrease of sales during the first half of the year (-17.5%). They would like to launch a study in order

In order to reduce transportation costs, the company has to deletethe stock of finished goods in the agencies. That will turn them into showrooms places. The taskes will be more clear and efficient in that way.

Meumet has to rent or build five small warehousesin some differents regions of France in a way to divide it in 5 areas of action: centre, north, south-east, south west and Paris area
The plan is to regroup six agencies of the same area to make a «SW » (small warehouse) to centralize the orders.

The company has to establish a careful control of the quality at the final steps of the process in a way to reduce the problems linked to anyreturn of the finished goods.

At the way out of the factory process the products are loaded into heavy motor vehcile wich bring them to SW hubs (régional Small warehouse) in a way to be carried...