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Social Entrepreneurship 04/01/2010


Introduction of the Topic
• With every pair of shoes that a customer purchases Toms will give a newpair of shoes to a child in need. • This unique form of social entrepreneurship uses the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the poverty stricken children.

• Many children indeveloping countries grow up with out shoes which puts them in serious risk for soil transmitted diseases such as podoconiosis.
• Soil transmitted diseases penetrate the skin easily through bare feet.However, simply wearing shoes can prevent soil transmitted diseases.

Historical Background
• Toms shoes was created by Blake Mycoskie in 2006. During a brief visit to Argentina he witness that manychildren did not have shoes to protect their feet. • After recognizing the social problem Blake used entrepreneurial principals to organize, create, and manage Toms shoes to make a social change. Historical
• On his return trip to Argentina, Blake and other associates distributed10,000 pairs of shoes to children in desperate need.


• Toms Shoes is taking advantage of poverty stricken children. The company is using poverty to create profit through people who are concerned about the impoverished.

•Toms hurts local economies by perpetuating negative social norms and stigmas that contribute to poverty. It does this by introducing an artificial supply of shoes into a nation’s economy. Definitions of important concepts
• One for one

• Why shoes? • How do they give it : guiding principles

One for one
• Simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoesto a child in need

• Purchasing power of individuals : used to benefit for children.
• Business model : here customers are transformed into benefactors

Why shoes?
In developing countries,...