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Acc World 2009-2010

Mr. Burrell

The Interwar Era of the 1920s & 1930s
Objective: 1. Understand the economics and political disorder that resulted from the end of World War I 2. Describe the Rise of the Soviet Union and Stalin’s policies 3. Explain the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler’s domination of Germany 4. Describe Mussolini and the Fascist takeover of Italy 5. Understand the shiftsin governmental policies of France and Britain 6. Detail the causes and effects of the depression in Europe 7. Explain how France and Great Britain responded to the depression politically 8. Describe Hitler’s takeover of Germany and the consolidation of Nazi powers 9. Define Central Economic Planning and the Collectivization of Agriculture Calendar: Fri 2/26 Mon 3/1 Quiz on WWI HW: Read Kagan876-886 Discuss Class Selections Discuss DBQs / Grading and so forth HW: Read Kagan 886-891 DBQ#3 Secrets Assembly (Special Schedule) HW: Read Kagan 891-895 [Lunch Review – Chapter 4 – Britain, France, and Holland] Discuss Totalitarianism – Compare USSR, Italy & Germany HW: Read Kagan 895-898 Study Hall Visit from APUS teachers Wrap up Totalitarianism HW: Read Kagan 898-904 Finish CH 26 HW Pckt [LunchReview – Chapter 5 – State Building] Turn in CH 26 HW Pckt Review Weimar Republic HW: Read Kagan 906-919 up to The Police State & Anti-Semitism {$30 deposit due to Career Center for AP Exam} Discuss currency, banking issues, and the depression HW: Read Kagan 919-925 Discuss Great Britain, France and Successor States HW: Read Kagan 925-930 up to Flight to the Soviet Cities [Lunch Review – Chapter 6– The Eighteenth Century]

Tue 3/2

Wed 3/3

Thu 3/4

Fri 3/5

Mon 3/8 Tue 3/9

Wed 3/11

Climate Survey The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi takeover HW: Read Kagan 930-934 Study Hall – Prepare for Exam Super, Ultimate Jeopardy HW: Study for Exam Finish CH 27 HW Pckt [Lunch Review – Chapter 7 – The Scientific Revolution] Rally Schedule Turn in CH 27 HW Pckt Unit XI Exam

Thu 3/12Fri 3/13

Unit XI Review Sheet
Chapter 26 – Political Experiments of the 1920s Revision of Paris Settlement, “Normalcy”, changes in labor force, market changes, trade changes War communism, Leon Trotsky, Red Army, White Army, Cheka, New Economic Policy (NEP), Joseph Stalin vs Leon Trotsky, Left wing and Right wing, Pravada, “socialism in one country”, Nikolai Bukharin, The Third International,Comintern, Twenty-one Conditions Fascist, Benito Mussolini, goals of the Fascists, Fasci de Combattimento, Avanti, Il Popola d’Italia, Gabriele D’ Annunzio, the Socialist Party, March on Rose, Black Shirts, King Victor Emmanuel III, use of terror tactics, single party state, parallel party/government structure, Grand Council, Lateran Accord “Blue Horizon Chamber”, Little Entente, Rapalloagreement, Raymond Poincare, Cartel des Gauches, Edouard Herriot, Aristide Briand, Herbert Asquith, David Lloyd George, depression hits, the “dole”, Ramsey MacDonald, Labour Party, gold standard, new countries, self-determination, India and the Congress Party, Mohandas Gandhi, Irish Home Rule Bill, Easter Rising, Sinn Fein, Dail Eireann, Irish Republican Army (IRA), Irish Free State, civil war Who were thesuccessor states, Problems they faced, Poland, Marshal Josef Pilsudski, Czechoslovakia, Thomas Masaryk, Hungary, Bela Kin, Count Stephen Bethlen, Austria, conservative Christian Socalists, Kurt von Schuschnigg, Yugoslavia, Corfu Agreement, Serbs, Croats, King Alexander I Weimar Republic, flaws, Article 48, lack of support, Kapp Putsch, allied reparations bill, inflation in Germany, Ruhr, Frenchinvasion, Adolf Hitler, ideological roots, Nazi, Twenty-Five Points, Nazi Socialism, SA (Sturmabteilung), Ernst Roehm, Beer Hall Putsch, Mein Kempf, Gustav Stresemann, Retenmark, The Dawes Plan, Paul von Hindenburg, Locarno pact, Austen Chamberlain, Young Plan Chapter 27 – Europe and the Great Depression of the 1930s Reperations, invasion of the Ruhr, Dawes Plan, Krediranstalt, Young Plan,...