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It is a well-known fact that tourism has become a popular global leisure activity in the last few decades and it is vital for many countries in the world due to the large income that it generates.Although tourism seems to benefit everyone, it has its dark side also. It is a fact that many destinations have been critically affected by tourism, leading them to pollution and destruction of itsnatural sites in those places.
First of all, we may notice that tourists’ demands have made tourism industries change original landscapes with the purpose of making them comfortable and accessible forthe tourists. For instance, tourism became has become Cuba's third largest source of foreign currency, makingmotivating Cuban tourism companies and foreign investors toments devote money toon buildingtourist facilities such as luxurious hotels surrounding areas as beaches and historical sites, constructing causeways to link all the islands to each other and in order to provide overlandtransportation for the tourists and for the movement of materials;. aAs a consequence, producing the disappearance of mangroves, and the migration or death of fish and other species has occurred. Although theseconsequences were known by the government and environmental groups, theyit did not preventstop these constructions.

On the other hand, tourism generates a high rate of employment in many countriessuch as Malta. Hence, the development of tourism is significantly and necessary for this country. It generates about 27% of the total employment of Malta, leading to 1,.112 graduates students from oftourism institutes from 1990 to 2002.

In my opinion, tourism should be used to prevent the world from continuing to suffering extreme changes and to help to raise awareness of the environmentalissues. Tourism should be a way of stimulating people to take care of the planet and not to destroy it. Therefore, it is my belief that tourism should not be restricted completely.; oOn the contrary, it...