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DeLaval feed wagon FCC The most compact feed wagon

DeLaval feed wagon FCC

A good choice for herds of up to 60 cows, or as a second feed wagon for a larger herd. This fit-everywhere unit is socompact that you can install it in any barn, old or new. DeLaval feed wagon FCC is particularly well suited for dispensing feed on narrow feeding tables. And durability is ensured by thestainless-steel construction of crucial parts.

DeLaval has the right feed wagon to maximise your herd’s potential and profitability: • • • • • Less labour Higher milk production Lower feed costs Healthieranimals Easy access to cow data (ALPRO®).

DeLaval feed wagon FCC – the most com

Automatic refill
With the auto-filling kit DeLaval feed wagon FCC installation is complete. Automatically, you canfill up to four of the concentrate containers.

Important facts for improved profit
High yield and long lifetime for your cows – the key to good economy
The production cost per kg milk decreases withincreased yield. Since approximately 40–50% of the total cost for one kg milk is feedstuff, exact and controlled feeding with DeLaval feed wagon FCC has a substantial impact on the total economy ofyour farm. Constant acidity in the rumen normally gives a better feed utilisation and higher intake of roughage.

Maximise your herd’s production potential – and your profit
Exact and individualcontrol of concentrate feeding in relation to the cow’s position in the lactation cycle gives the optimal feed cost. Every one kg increase in milk at peak yield can represent up to 200 kg of extra milkthroughout the cow’s lactation. A daily variation of ±10% in feeding accuracy (i.e. manual feeding) can result in 10–15% reduced profit due to higher feed cost or lost production. In addition,controlled feeding gives healthier animals.

Transponder reader
DeLaval feed wagon FCC reads the transponders on your cows and gives automatic feeding, independent of where the cows are standing in your...