Toyota market to children

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This case study is talking about Marketing to children especially for car marketers; it takes the example of the brand Toyota.

Since few years carmarketers realized the importance of children in the parents purchasing decision, it is cold the pester power.

But Toyota seems to be the car brand who harnesses the most this opportunity in itsstrategy.
Toyota and children

Toyota directed a lot of things to children, some examples are the website for children, the Sienna promotion, the dream car art contest, and as it is describe inthe case study a comic.

Children’s website
Since 1995, Toyota has a website for children,

There are four principal areas:
* What kind of company isToyota
* How are cars made?
* Making cars that are environment friendly
* Making cars that are people friendly

With the two first topics a child can discover Toyota and understand how acar is made, with simple word and simples draws. And with the two others, Toyota involves the child in its two principal objectives, the safety of the car and the environment.
Children can also askquestions in the website.

Sienna is the name of a Toyota family car, its promotion is axed on the children with a slogan: “Daddy Like.” and a video campaign on the internet, on Youtubewith “mommy and daddy” singing a song, describing the features of the cars with humor videos etc.
Brand uses the terms of “mommy and daddy” to place the child as main interlocutor.
This campaigntargets the children, but also the parents who care about children, their safety, their comfort etc. in the car.

The “Dream car artcontest”
This contest created in 2004, separate children in different categories, under 10 years old, 10 to 12 years old and 13 to 15 years old, they have to imagine and draw their “dream cars”....