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I. Introduction

II. Parcelnet Presentation

III. City Link Presentation

IV. My Missions

V. Conclusion

During my two years in Cardiff, I worked in several sector such as hotel trade(Park Plaza Hotel), restoration(in Millennium Stadium), and I did lot of missions in a interim agency: Ranstad work solutions. From January 2008 to the end of June,Ranstad proposes to me to work regularly for two company, Parcelnet and City Link which are National logistic and Parcel delivery companies at there distribution centres in Cardiff. These employment were not very interesting, however it permits to integrate myself in a professional environment and to improve my english knowledge.
In a first time I am going to present you both companies : Parcelnetand Citylink, then I am going to describe more precisely in what consisted my job.

Parcelnet Presentation

Parcelnet was founded in 1988 and is based in Morley.The company operates as subsidiary of Otto. Parcelnet is a british home shopping company which has been formed in the wake of the merger between Speedlink and Direct line in 2000. The enterprise has almost 7000 people self employedcouriers and to support the network, it employs over 1400 people.
Parcelnet became the UK’s largest home delivery courier company and a leading provider of home shopping fulfilment services.
Parcelnet main goal’s is to make delivery of its services easy. Thus, the fact that Parcelnet has safe place delivery service is a good case in point because thanks to this system, people are not obliged tobe in when their good are ready to be delivered.
The company collects and delivers the customer’s parcel up to six day a week.
An impressive number of famous retail brands have decided to trust Parcelnet for quality customer service like JD Williams, Readers Digest, Next Directory or Land’s End.
The enterprise has almost 7000 self employed couriers delivering to customers.
Parcelnet employsover 1400 people across the Great Britain in order to support the network. Each year, Parcelnet delivers over 110 million parcel and collections.
The company has to handled 21 million calls annually.It operates a fleet of over 400 vehicules. Parcelnet delivers to 100% of the UK population.
Without serious national competitor ,the current economical situation appear to be the latest hurdle on theroad to success for Parcelnet.

City Link Presentation

City Link is an express delivery company across the UK, Ireland and Worldwide. It was founded in 1969 and they employ about 6000 people and control over 3000 vehicles from 85 owned depots. The annual turnover is about £382m. City link is part of Rentokil initial plc, which is a FTSE 250 Company with annual revenues of £2bn.

City LinkHistory

1969 - City Link founded
1970 - City Link goes Nationwide - Growth, expansion, consolidation
1972 - City Link Transport Holdings Ltd
1980 - Association of City Link Licensees formed & first formal franchise agreement signed
1989 - Securiguard Group plc buys City Link & City Link International formed
1990 - First National Distribution Centre opened in the Midlands
1992 - Next DayService introduced
1993 - Securiguard Group plc bought by Rentokil Initial
1997 - Rebranded as Initial City Link
2000 - New National Distribution Centre opened in Wednesbury
2005 - Announced changeover from Franchise to Corporate Network
2006 - Rebranded as City Link Ltd
2007 - Rentokil Initial plc acquired Target Express to merge with City Link
2008 - New Board of Directors appointed tosuccessfully integrate the two businesses
2009 - The Year of the Customer

City Link Values

1) Customers

Customers take a very important place in City Link Value. Dealing with Customers in a efficient way, help them to grow their revenues profitably.

2) Service

One of the City Link rule is to Delivering a minimum of 98.5% general service to their Customers in a truthful, open and...