Travailler moins est ce mieux vivre ?

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Bill Bryson : The bird has flown . An extract from « Notes from a big country . written/published in 1998 Writer/author : an American-born novelist /best-selling author ( Iowa , 1951) Books deal with comparing life in the USA/UK/Australia Mostly autobiogrphical works /non-fictional/fictitious A personnal exprerience : a first-hand testimony/a witness Studying the faults/failings/shortcomings ofthe society he lives in on either side of the Atlantic . a satirist : writing satirical/satires : making fun/ridiculing his fellowAmericans/British ( married to an Englishwoman ) and of himself A good deal of self-mockery/derision : mocking/derisive Style : light-hearted/witty/ yet with an accurate/up-to-the point/sharp insight A matter-of-fact , everyday life language/simple/informal : makes it anenjoyable/amusing/entertaining reading hence his world-wide success/worldacclaim : he is a best-seller on either part of the ocean In this excerpt/extract : he’s telling about his son’s leaving for university , his feelings about it , his son’s habits when there, but also about the cost entailed and his worries for the future if and when his 4 go to college in their turn A suitable title : Thebird has flown ( the coop/the nest) 2 main parts : the son’s leaving and being missed 2 : the cost . Correction référents : our l1 : the author and his wife’s (son) l.4 they : children ( how quickly children go) l.11 : He : the writer’s son . l.12 that proves it : the fact that his son is gone/his son’s being gone . l.13 : the readers ( if you see what i mean ) Part ONE A( subpart) : line 1 to 7 :gone and missed : suddenly aware of : l.4 how quickly they ( all children) go , wistfully L6 ; l10 she was right : he has gone away ( for good) feeling of emptiness l .11 : all these elements convey a feeling of nostalgy : he feels nostalgic and melancholy , a bit sad : down/dispirited/depressed .the end of an era of role-model as a father , the end of childhood : coming of age /reachingadulthood/growing up : something is over for him . ONE B :line 7 to 11 : In this passage , B.Bryson gives his ideal vision of children/teenagers : we understand things are the other way round , of course : young people often think their parents are ridiculous/silly/daft/dumb old drags/bores : the age/generation gap /divide they never clean their rooms ( hang their clothes) they are adepts of piercing ( bodyart ) and stick/dig gems on their faces … this is said in a humourous and vivid way : the father is laughing at those habits and more seriously , he disapproves of/objects to them . line 12 to 20 : He admits he is suprised at his feeling of loss : he can’t help feeling low despite / in spite of the fact that /although / he hadn’t seen much of his son in the past few years ( high-chool) Heaknowledges/ recognizes living with his son hadn’t been so ideal as he sounds , on the contrary , he was there only occasionally/at times , and always to ask for something : clothes , his stuff, food , or to spend time all by himself , watching video-games , for instance or busy hanging out with his pals :

Valeur passée de WOULD :He would only see his back on his way to the fridge : he would dropby/turn up to have something to eat / or the top of his head in an armchair( slouching in it) in front of a screen : playing video-games all by himself : only the sounds of blows and kicking would be heard . His mother would be considered as a general-purpose maid : doing the washing , ironing , the cleaning , putting his things away .. In other words : his son was used to coming home only to enjoysome comfort , would not share the household life or talk with his parents : A rather accurate description of today’s/nowadays’ teenagers’ behaviour Version : De temps en temps , j’apercevais le sommet de son crâne dépassant d’un fauteuil devant un écran de télévision sur lequel des orientaux /Asiaiques se donnaient mutuellement des coups de pieds dans la tête , mais la plupart du temps , il se...