Tremblement de terre alsace lorraine

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Earthquake risks in France
Seismicity, the risk of landslide or soil liquefaction are considered moderate in France. Earthquakes, mainly superficial, it resulted from slow rapprochement between the African Plate and the Eurasian plate and are distributed along the fault zones and landslides often old.Their home is located less than 256 km in the crust. The file of the macrosismicité France (SIRENE: BRGM-Seismic Risk and Engineering, LDG-CEA (catalog micro-seismicity, EDF)) lists more than 5,000 earthquakes felt in the last ten centuries, almost all destructive earthquakes since the fourteenth century. It consists of 22 earthquakes of epicentral intensity, on French territory, greater than orequal to seven, averaging four per century. In France, there are on average each year a score of earthquakes above magnitude 3.5, while several thousand are felt throughout the Mediterranean basin. In metropolitan France, the East (Alsace, Jura, Alps), the South East (Alpes Maritimes, Provence) and the Pyrenees are the most concerned. A risk is more diffuse in the Cotentin Charentes 17. The last«great earthquakes» recorded in France and dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including that of Provence, in 1909, which caused hundreds of casualties and economic damage estimated at 700 million euros . Overseas the West Indies, the hazard (probability) of an earthquake is high, and the buildings are vulnerable. The tsunami hazard also exists. In 2010, OPECST concludedthat «Today, France is not prepared for an earthquake. «18 According to experts interviewed by OPECST, like an earthquake occurred in 1909 in Provence would be hundreds of casualties and economic damage as important a century ago, and an earthquake like the one in Fort-de-France in 1839 would Today more than 30,000 victims.

Sismic zoning in France : zone 1: very low, zone 2: weak, zone 3:moderate, zone 4: average, zone 5 : Strong.


Prevention: It passes through information and therefore the seismic zoning and taking into account land use and land use, construction parasimique and regulation. For greater transparency and better educate the French, a brochure on the «new seismic zoning of France» (1985), implementation of which the Bureau of Geological and MiningResearch (BRGM) has contributed greatly helps to demystify this area and change the policy of prevention of seismic risk. Other more recent documents, including, for example, carried out by the Prefecture of Alpes-Maritimes, in August 2000, is in the spirit of the law of 22 July 1987 on the organization of civil security, the protection of major risks and in the context of public information. They alsocontain a collection of emergency measures that would, if necessary, implemented, he said the media used and recalled the recommendations of the emergency services to destinations in the exposed population in the departments concerned. In 2005, the Government announced a six-year plan to prevent sé aims to enhance awareness, better take into account these risks in construction, andincorporates the European recommendations on earthquake-resistant construction, deepening scientific knowledge of risk, and finally encourages the cooperation of all actors in the prevention and management of risk [Ref. necessary]. In the current earthquake comparable to that which occurred in 1909 near Salon-de-Provence could be 400 to 1,000 deaths.

Oldest deadly earthquakes have occurred in France :In 2007, the Parliamentary Office for Science and 1227: Aix-en-Provence and Lambesc (earthquake disTechnology produced a report on the assessment and puted) (intensity 10: 5000 deaths) prevention of tsunami risk for the French coast on the mainland and 19 overseas, and in 2009 a report 1248: Savoy (died 9000) Note: The Catastrophe (gion the tsunami warning devices 20, and in 2010 a re- gantic...