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The coprs of Brenda Mc Kendy was find, the police arrived at midnight. She is dead by a cerebral commotion, she was secretary on a big socity. she was found in the office of one employe of thesocity, Tom Cruise.

Clues :

-the medical examiner says that brenda were dead at 8.35 PM but the police were called at midnight
-a paper was found in her office : «  appointment tomorrow night at8.45 PM where you know » 
-Mary and Kate were a very good friends since they were child

Suspect :

Brondon Smith : Cyril
Kate Fox : Marie
Edward Fox : Nicholas
Mary Swiffer : Apolline
MikeScott : Arnault
Tom Cruise:
Peter Brown:

Edward Fox : You are the headmaster of the socity, you work with your wife.

Opinion of Brenda: You think that the were a good secretary, you like herand are very sad of her dead.

Last time you saw Brenda: It’s at 8 PM when she told you that she go back in her home, and you don‘t see her later.

When Brenda‘s murder: You go back at home at 8.30PM but your wife doesn’t go with you because she had a lot of work.

Don’t say that : You have a secret sexuel relation with Brenda, you don’t go at home but you have a appoitment with her at 8.45PM but she wasn’t at the appoitment so you think that she can’t go so you go back at home at 9 PM and your wife doen’t here.

Kate Fox : You are an employe of the socity, you are the wife of theboss.

Opinion of Brenda: You don’t really know her but you think that she is someone hardworking.

Last time you saw Brenda: You didn’t go in her office, You don’t see her today because you don’twork at the same level.

When Brenda’s murder: You heard a noise but you think it’s the employe in his office. But you saw Brendon in the corridor......

Don’t say that: ( dit le que si on te ledemande) You are very good friend with Mary since your a child but your husband doesn’t know that.

Brendon Smith: You are a vigil in the socity, you did your round normaly

Opinion of Brenda:...