True love

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The scene takes place obviously in a office.The main characters are Milton who is a computer programmer and the robot whose name is Joe.Milton has programmed his robot to speak like anhuman being.
Since Milton is almost forty and not married yet, he wants is robot to find him the true love.
Therefore he will ask Joeto eliminate first all the man, secondly all women with livingchildren and the too small and tall ones. He doesn't want red-haires women either.At last, there will be only 235 women left.They will have to speak only english to make their relationship easier.
Therobot has to fill up the data banks of these women and finaly ends up with eight whose caracteristics fit.
Milton meets each of them , spends quite a long time together but he realizes that there isalways something missing.Thanks to the robot who asks him : '' Do you please them? ''
He finds out that love is a two way street.That is to say he should please them too. From that moment on , hewill give open his mind , his soul to his robot in telling him all his feelings of his life.
By doing so , little by little , he unveals his soul and allows the robot to think , feel and react more andmore like him (136).
Nonetheless Joe makes him understand that phisical ideal shouldn't be the only way and aim and that personality , emotional temperament play an important rôle as well.
Theyfinaly choose the personality of Charity Jones whose data banks fit their owl. Milton's and Joe's personality.

Throught the text we can feel how joe's personality , his way of thinking develops andget totaly similar to Milton's until becoming completely like a real human being.
At the end, we find out that Milton is arrested and put in prison on grounds of malfeasance.It seels it doesn't haveanythings to do with the illegual facts done on the computer to find the true love?Joe tge robot is left alone and has a view on Charity Jones , hopes to see her on valentine's day . He hopes to let...