Un invento marilloso

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My name is Lucie, I am eighteen years old soon nineteen years old. I am still in Final year of high school , I failed my high schooldiploma in Fourteen points.

At the school, my subjects prefer are the dance and the history geography. Here are my marks in the high schooldiploma: 9/20 in Literature, 8/20 in History- Geography then 11/20 in the remady class, 5/20 in English then 7/20 in the remady class, 9/20 inPhilosophy, 8/20 in Spanish, 11/20 in sport and 11/20 in dance. In English, I have difficulty translating.

I live in Amiens, in the countryside, I have asister, Alix she is in the middle school of . My mother is a nursing auxiliary in the hospital and my father is nurse in the hospital also.Later I would like to be nursery nurse, but before it is necessary to be nurse, or I would like to be a midwife.

I am gone to England repeatedly,in particular there 5éme during a day, then 4éme during four days in a host family and once with my relatives. I went to London and Canterbury.

Ilike the dance, to see my friends and my family, I like the babies and Marilyn Monroe...

I would define myself as being impatient, jealous,ambitious, motivated and I have a bad-tempered. And to finish this presentation, I would say that I absolutely want to have my high school diploma.