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III) The social side

In, 2000 there were 261000 employees, and if any employee does whatever he likes, the company can’t work. So the administration of Unileverpublished a « code of conduct of the business” and it defines the corporate culture. We are going to focus on three of these corporate values.

-In Yellowstone, a lotplastic bottles polluted the park and Unilever has the idea to recycle those bottles to mark out the path. This illustrates perfectly the first value of Unilever, whichis “seeing a solution where everybody sees an obstacle”.

-The second value is “striving to be number one” and it illustrates the spirit of competition of thecompany

-The third value is “thinking out of the box”. The company encourages the employees to think differently and it’s also a way to support the innovation that camefrom inside Unilever

We can also find those corporate values in the logo of Unilever.

The “U” of the logo is made of 25 icons which everyone representing thecompany. And for example:

-In the right head corner we can a dove that means the freedom. It could be related to the way of thinking freely in the company.

-We’ve gotthe heart for love, health and caring

-We’ve got the sun, which is our primary resource of energy, and it’s ecology too

All of those corporate values makesthat Unilever is the seventeenth more attractive corporate in the world. I think is the consequence of the communication about the group. In reality there were 261000employees in 2000,but today there are only 163000. The group has almost laid off 100000 employees and it makes at atmosphere of working more dark as it seems.