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Tour of Egypt

Description of the program

Between magic of preserved landscapes and splendors of a civilization with an unequaled richness, we suggest you to discover an intimate and generousEgypt, which will offer its secrets to you… endlessly.

Your trip will last 9 days, and your program will be the next one:

1st day: Paris/Cairo: departure from Paris and arrival at Cairo. You’ll befriendly received at the hostel, where you’ll spend the night.

On the 2nd day, you’ll go to Baharia in the morning. The mysterious petrified forest is waiting for you, where you’ll have lunch.Then, you’ll discover Bawati haven: its village with houses made of bricks and its hot and fresh sources where you’ll be able to go swimming and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

On the 3rd day, we willmake you visit Baharia, the White Desert, and you will spend a fabulous night in a bivouac. You will have the opportunity of discovering the haven and Alexander the Great’s temple ruins, where thefamous Mummies Valley was discovered. You will visit the mummy’s museum and Zed Amon and Bannentiu’s tombs. Then, we’ll go to the White Desert, have dinner and sleep there in a bivouac.

On the 4th day,we’ll go from the bivouac to Farafra and to Dakhla. In the morning, we’ll go towards Farafra haven for a great visit. Then, we’ll continue towards Dakhla and have lunch there. You’ll discover ElQasr, a traditional Islamic village with houses of rammed hearth. After what you will have dinner and night at the hostel.

For the 5th day, we have concocted for you a splendid day in Dakhla. In themorning, you’ll visit the famous temple of Deir el Hagar. Then, departure for the south of Dakhla and visit of Mout site and its fabulous ethnographic museum. To finish the day, a likely village iswaiting for you: Balat, a typical medieval village with narrow back-alleys.

The 6th day will be the occasion for you to visit Khnoum temple, relic of the Greek and Roman time. Then, boarding and...
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