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Dialogue d'anglais

A: Good morning! You're on BBC Channel. I'm Amine and this is Mr. ....

A: Today is a tragic day in the history of the US. An earthquake with no historical precedent hastouched San Francisco. The whole city has been buried underground.

V: Yes! Yes! Amine. It's a disaster! San Francisco has been stricken by an earthquake measuring 10 on the Richter scale. There isnothing left. This event shows how the nature is destructive.

A: In fact it's the chaos in the city. It's an accurate human disaster. We can’t count the number of the victims.

V: All the means arespread out for the victims. The police and the US Army have been called to come and help the rest of the survivors. It's incredible especially that we didn’t expect it.

A: I have talked with aneye witness and he describes me what happened: He was on the high hill that you can see behind me. He was doing sport when suddenly he heard a big noise; it was like an explosion he said. And he saw theGolden Gate Bridge collapsed.

V: Oh my god! Be careful! There is another tremor!!! Lie down

A: It's amazing what happening! The earth is angry! What a dark day in California!

V: AlthoughSan Francisco is situated on the famous San Andreas Fault, the Scientifics weren't expecting such an event. Besides this earthquake has also caused a tsunami! The spread of the damage is huge!

A:San Francisco has completely disappeared. It looks like a meteorite which has hit the earth!
There's nothing but a big hole. America is in mourning.

V: This earthquake was so violent. PresidentObama is on his way to California isn't he?

A: Yes! you're right. He's coming with his vice president Joe Biden.

V: They will realize the magnitude of the damage ….. San Francisco has been whollyerased from the map.

A: The figures are huge. How many people will be left alive out of the 7 Million inhabitants?

V: I'm voiceless! It's the most terrible natural disaster.

A: Goodness!...