Violence in modern society

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Modern Society is becoming more violent

Violence is everywhere in our society and keep increasing. Violence is due to several factors like social classes, socio-economics status, and a diversity in population especially in religion, politics or cultural. The most astonish, is teen violence which keep increasing. We notice violence usually seen in adults, in teenagers.
This essay will discussto what extent teenagers are more violent, then we will focus on the causes of these acts of violence and finally we will discuss some solutions to prevent teen violence.

We notice that there is a lot more violence in children nowadays. Lot of children are bully at school. Bullying is more prevalent among males than females and occurred with greater frequency among middle school-aged childrenthan high school youth (from The health behavior of school-aged children, chapter 2, section 4). Bullying can be verbal harassment, being pushed or pulled out, being teased, being abuse, being threatened or intimidated. It can leads to depression, isolation, suicide, emotional problems, low self-esteem, and stress. It is really detrimental to student well-being and development.
Besides bullying,we can add knives crime which is very frequent in the UK. We can see a new case almost every week in the newspaper. Four out of five offenders are aged between 12 to 20 years old and one out of three victims is aged from 10 to 17 years old. According to the journal of school violence (Vol.1-8, 2009) 51% of young people wear knives and 38% wear knives at school. They generally start wearing knivesat 11 when they move from primary school to secondary school. Young people mostly wear knives because they are part of gangs or because they are scared and want to protect them. In some case, young children of 7years old also wear knives, but they usually wear knives for older who are gang members. Knives crime is mainly caused by conflicts between gang or between teenagers.
One other crime whichoccurred a lot in young people is rape. Lot of young girls are rape each year. The most common is gang-rape attack which keeps increasing and occurred in young people aged from 13 to 25. But it is also due to date that young people have during adolescence. They meet new friends or new people everywhere, by internet (chat), in the street or many other ways, and they do not always get to know theperson very well before to spend time with alone.
All those acts can be linked to several factors.

Socio-economics status can lead children to enter gang because when they come from poor families they are generally in need of money and in the street, they will find some easy way to make money. Street can also be for them a way to escape the problems they find out at home, so the street become ashelter. Some other reasons include protection from bullies, desire for prestige and a chance to belong, but some teenagers are also forced to join gangs.
Technology can also caused violence in children, like computers and video games or virtual world which are sometimes violent. Generally, young people who play violent computer games are children who have problems, feels lonely, or do not havefriends. In excess, these games can be very dangerous. Studies of children exposed to violence have shown that they can become: “immune or numb to the horror of violence”, imitate the violence they see, and show more aggressive behaviour with greater exposure to violence (from the American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry, No.91 Children and Video games: playing with violence, august2006). They are then, enable to distinguish the border between virtual and real life.
Children who are maltreated by parents, abused or witness of domestic violence, simply reproduce what they live at home. Most of the times, those children contain their feelings and act with violence toward people.
Young people also have bad behaviour when they are under the effects of drugs and alcohol because...