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Anglais/ Vocabulary
*Downloading hate
-to advocate= to promote
-a warmonger (somebody who promotes war) −>a hawk −>hawkish/hawkishness
-Hate mongering groups
-Cowardice ≠ bravery /fortitude
-to chicken out: to run away so not to fight
−>a chicken hawk: someone who advocates going to war but who never fought (for instance, George W. Bush who was skilful enough not to go to Vietnam)
-anobnoxious speech: a xenophobic diatribe /homophobic propaganda…

*They are two million £ ≠ they are millions of £
*They are - scores of
- dozens of
- tens of
*He is such a liar = he is so much of a liar
*He is so little of a mechanic that I wouldn’t let him fix my car = he is such a bad mechanic…

-Bigotry: intolerance. A bigot isn’t religious ≠ someone is not going toconvert you at all costs: a Bible Basher.
−>French bashing / Jew bashing / Nigger bashing

-Traditional activism −>mass media −>handing out leaflets −>canvassing (to go from door to door)
-The Redeker Case: a column, a scathing/vitriolic indictment of Islam. What he has said is no gospel! (Ce n’est pas parole d’évangile) The police have decided to wisk him away.
-Neo-Nazi websites made ofwhite supremacists. Don Black is a former Klansman, ie he used to belong to the KKK and ie he once was a Klansman.

*I can’t get used to his calling me by my last name!

↑: to grow, increase, rise soar, skyrocket, go up
≠↓: to be on the wane, dwindle, diminish, decline, collapse, fall, go down, sink, drop, plummet, decrease.
- to be -declining : pour des notions non chiffrées (“influence,popularity”)
- on the wane
-to rape ≠ to violate: to break some regulation law.
They would - consider it as a serious violation
- regard it as…
- view it as…
- hold it to be a serious violation.
-Don Black targets/addresses kids.
-a widespread belief: une croyance répandue
“I waited for, caughta glimpse of, waved my hand at, and eventually shook hands with Tom”

*Breeding evil
Dans le texte: - wrath: colère -the fuss: the controversy
-to be fussy/a fusspot / a nitpicker: être pointilleux, emmerdeur
“It is an evil influence upon the youth of our country.”
−>screen violence which is sometimes to be held to cause the young to become violent
−>mobile phones: to cut off theirsusers from the rest of the world
−>all that they may run into on the web
−>drugs because they are unlawful, addictive, noxious: a threat
−>real TV
-a shareholder: un actionnaire
-Alcohol: booze (colloquial) -to be a drunkard: to drink like a fish
-to be tight: être bourré−>”to be as tight as an owl newt”
Le mot “beur” popped up in the suburbs: this word was needed and it is no more derogatory.-Evil ≠ the Devil: Satan, the Beast −>devilish, diabolical, to demonize.
*Youth: an age of life (as infancy, childhood, teenage)
≠ a youth: France’s suburban youths (a youth: a youngster (less formal))
≠ “the young” often believe…
*The rich, the poor, the deaf are… (Sans “s”)
Suspicion of new media is a recurrent feature in the history of mankind, says the author of Breeding Evil, adefender of oral debates. Socrates was wary of written works.
Waltz music, rock’n’roll, were all once dismissed as flimsy (of no intellectual worth) or even downright immoral, their critics warning their adepts against the dangers they faced.
-Paul and John are coming. I know the former (cela ne se dit pas, cela s’inscrit).
-Good affects by far outnumber / outweigh negative ones.
-to - outweigh- outnumber: peser plus que
-to - outsmart
- outwit −> a witticism : un mot d’esprit −>witty : qui a de la répartie, de l’esprit
- outfox : battre, surpasser (dans le sens d’ « être plus malin »)
*The author goes against the assumption that gaming foster actual violence; indeed, research on whether a causal relationship exists between violent games and individualism behaviours...