Voyage au nicaragua

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OUTLINE of my presentation
A trip to Nicaragua.

My sister went on a trip with a special agency called “Le Beau Voyage” a few years ago. She went to Nicaragua, with some of her friends, to dovolunteering on a help to humanity program. My sister’s trip had not been completely paid by her; she raised money with her friends by doing car wash’s and garage sales. She told me that when they arrivedat the local airport, they were picked up by some people that lived there so they could show them where they were going to stay for the time they were there. It was a little house with no floor ( thefloor was the road’s ground) and the beds were made by the people they were with. They explained to them their schedule for the next two months (they were staying there two months). They alsorecommended them to go to sleep early because they would have to get up really early in the morning. Their work consisted as to help build houses for poor people living in the streets. But, my sister told methat they did much more than only build houses while they were there. When the houses were built, she said that everyday, her friends and she were going to give something to eat to families that hadno homes. She said that they offered their own meals to them, they weren’t eating anything. It wasn’t on the program they were supposed to respect, but their Boss told them it was okay. Their Boss wasencouraging them to do it. She told me he was really happy that they had this idea because it meant that they really appreciate helping people the way they could. I remember my sister calling us whenshe was there, she told me on the phone how it was sad to see poor children without anything to eat, and people dying in the streets. She explained to me how it was a hard experience. Even though shewas sad to see all this, her friends and she had a great time there; they went to little markets and they visited the city they were in, she told me that she learned a lot about their culture. She...
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