Voyages d'arthur young

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Lee Walker
Western Civilization II
Professor Jones
February 24, 2011

Textual Analysis
This paragraph is found in Arthur Young’s Travels in France during the Years 1787, 1788, 1789. Thisdairy has been written during Young’s journey in France in the period of revolution. The French Revolution is one of the most important moments in the history of France (Young). In the space of adecade (1789-1799), it totally changes the social, political and economic of the country. These extraordinary and violent upset of France will also have a profound influence on the rest of Europe and theworld for centuries to come. With the Revolution, it is suddenly the people, citizens who take the stage and participate in the conduct of the country, thus ending centuries of absolute power held bythe aristocracy and clergy.
This passage, extracted from this famous travel journal, offers the reader a vivid painting of the economic, social and political life during of the revolution. His richand comprehensive description of the lifestyle of people, including through referred to agronomy, food, or the state road network complements its subject. Astute observer, with a simple pen, he analyzesprimarily dramatically mores that govern society and the mindset of the French before the events of 1789.
The author begins by acknowledging the presence of a Cabinet literaire at Metz which is thecity he was visiting during that time. One must remember that high quality writings were available only to a small elite group during that period of time. During the French revolution, it seems thatthese areas have taken a lot of extension. Perhaps it was an effective strategy to give everyone the opportunity to read and know what was going on which can be evidenced by the small amount requiredto get some reading done. In a moment where tension reign in Paris, people are eager to get news of how these bloody battle will end. During the author time in Metz, in seems that news broke out...