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Can I have a Wii please ?
What is today’s story about? Do you think it is a good initiative to Who said computer games are for only for the supply the pensioners with a young ?! Agroup of retirement homes in the console? Why? North East England have decided to equipped Why does it motivate people to get their homes with brand new game consoles. out of their room? Thepensioners appear to be delighted with this What kind of games can the residents play? new kind of entertainment! What did the Mr Fisher have to say about the games? Does he sound A manager from 'HelenMcArdle Care' said happy? "The residents absolutely adore them. It is Do you have a games console at making them more healthy because a lot of the home? How often do you use it? When ? (when you are tiredor when you are bored, time they would stay in their rooms not doing when there’s nothing on tv, with your friends, etc… ?) any physical exercise - but now they do and it What is your favourite game?has become a bit of a competition between Can you play for as long as you like them to see who's the best." or do your parents limit the time you spend on the console or the computer? The games onoffer are simulations of sports Do your parents play computer such as bowling or golf. New resident Jim Fisher, 74, said: "It's the first time I've ever seen games? Why not? or if they play what one ofthese things, let alone played one, but it games do they play? Are they good at it? Who plays best, you or your is great fun. I knew there would be a television parents? What about your grandhere, but Idid not realise they had this game at parents, How do they feel about all. " computer games, do they like them, are they curious or wary of them? Managing director of Helen McArdle Care, MarkMcArdle, said the Wiis were introduced to bring the residents extra mental and physical stimulation.

02 - 06 - 2010

a computer game – un jeu d’ordinateur a retirement home – une maison de...