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Walmart is one of the largest corporate business in the world. It is a large chain of stores operating around the world with its heaquarter based in the United States. The enterprise was founded bySam Walton in 1962 and incorporated under the name of Walt-Mart Stores, Inc in October 31, 1969 in Arkansas, US. Its headquarter was officially opened in 1970 at Bentonville, Arkansas. At this timeabout 38 local stores were already opened in Arkansas with on board 1500 employees with a total of $44.2 millions
In 1972 the company entered the New York Stock Exchange. At this time it wasoperating in five States which are Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma. In 1973, Wal-Mart expended its stores to the Tennessee, Mississippi. When the company opened its stores in texas in 1975 it hadalready 125 stores and employed about 7500 with a revenue of $340.3 million. Walmart continued to grow so rapidly during the 1980s thatat its twenty-fifth anniversary it owed 1198 stores with $15.9 milliard of sales with 200000 employees. Also in 1988, walmart opened its first supercenter in whahington, Missouri. Walmart continuedto extend its concept of supersore in the 1990s which concept made them surpass Toys “R” US in toys sales.The 1990s were a periode of growth and innovation within walmart corporation. In1990 the company,s revenue grew four time higher than the prevous years to reach $32 milliard. The same year Walmart bought the McLane Company which they sold to Berkshire Hathaway thirteen years later...