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1 introduction
The scandal of Watergate is in its origin an affair of political spying which to results Richard Nixon on the resignation of the president of the United States, in 1974.(nineteen hundred seventy four)
It affair begins with the revelation journalists of Washington Post of the pose of microphones in the places of the Democratic Party in the building of Watergate inWashington in 1972.
(nineteen hundred seventy two)
Journalists' investigations and a long senatorial inquiry find illegal practices within presidential administration.
Affair is very notable in American history it became common to use the suffix - gate to indicate other scandals as for example the climate gate.
2 contexts
Year 1972(nineteen hundred seventy two ) one year of presidentialelection in the United States is. In the republican camp, Richard Nixon comes for a second mandate (or term).
He can brag foreign policy inspired by Henry Kissinger and led successfully
On internal plan, the policy of its administration blends in on the slogan of « law and order », implicating a repressive and strict justice
Opposite, the democratic camp is weakened by its internal stories-The media and information
In May, 1969(nineteen hundred sixty nine ), Nixon put the FBI in contribution to investigate the escapes in the press concerning the secret bombings on Cambodia which he allowed in February.
With the power of Nixon, CIA intensifies this program of surveillance of thousand American citizens by operation Chaos (Operation Chaos or Operation MHCHAOS is a plan of internalspying led between 1967 (nineteen hundred sixty seven)and 1973(nineteen hundred seventy three) by Exchange Intelligence Agency to unmask possible foreign influence on the studying movement compared to war.)
These activities, unknown by the American citizens, begin appearing at the beginning of 1970s(nineteen hundred seventy), in the press.
In June, 1971(nineteen hundred seventy one), New YorkTimes, then Washington Post, publishes extracts of a secret report
These documents clarify of governmental and military decisions during the war of Viêt Nam
For instance of the will of the president Johnson to intensify conflict while he promised not to get involved more
it is in a juridical arm wrestling between the government of Nixon, wants to forbid the broadcasting of confidentialinformation, and both newspapers, acquire benefit of reason finally

3 The development
the scandal of Watergate begin, in the night June 17th, 1972(nineteen hundred seventy two), five "housebreakers".
they are locate by an agent of security, they are stopped by the police in the building of Watergate, in the office of the democratic Party. Transporting of the equipment of listening, these men resemblemore secret agents than housebreakers.
one among the five, JAMES MCCORD, attracts attention: he is a colonel reservist of the army Air, an ancient of the FBI and CIA, and a member of the Committee for the re-election of the President.
The FBI, of which the manager Gray has just been named by Nixon, does not follow inquiry him in spite of these disturbing elements .
on June 22nd, the presidentNixon speaks affair for the first time by declaring:« The White House is not involved in this incident there.  During the six months which follow, affair is forgotten, and during presidential election of November, 1972(nineteen hundred seventy two), Richard Nixon wins against the democrat George McGovern by the second way the most enormous electoral of any history of the United States.-investigation of Washington Post
two journalists of Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, investigate, all indications will drive to the White House, across the Committee for the re-election of the president of Richard Nixon
essential information is then announced to them by an informant It was about Mark Felt, the number 2 of the FBI.
Woodward and Bernstein arrive sweetheart bustles...