Waves and health

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Introduction :

Radiations and health concerns have been raised especially following the enormous increase in the use of wireless in the world. These concerns have induced lot of researches.That’s why I choose the subject “Waves and Health”,

1 - The different waves

Concerning the different waves, we can see a graph which shows all the different wave around us.

[pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]
Electric line
Radar and mobile phone
Remote control
UVmachine (microwave oven )

This graph present the radiations received by humans in Watt/m²in function of appliance.


2 - The effects on the health :

Part of the waves emittedby a mobile phone is absorbed by the human.

The power received by the head increase or decrease according to the situation, for example inside or
outside of buildings and in your vehicle, morethe phone search, more we receive radiations.

The waves turn water’s molecules. Moreover, the brain is composed of 85% of water and consequently, causing an increase of temperature.

Children havetheir cranium frailer than an adult so they receive more waves in their head. ,It’s the same thing for the babies of pregnant women.

All organs can be affected but the brain and the reproductiveorgans have more risks.

When you phone, a part of your brain is used and studies have shown that the tumors are located in the same side.

Symptoms :

risk for brain's tumors, reduction of spermquality ,
tiredness ,
sleep disturbances ,
loss of mental attention ,
headaches ,
dizziness ,
increase of temperature

3 - The advices :

There are several precautions in order to reducethese problems
→ Phone appliance :

Switch off the mobile phone the night
Don’t put the mobile in the pocket
Avoid to phone in move and use a auricle or hands-free...