What are the key points in shnghai culture

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Intro : Shanghai is the biggest city in China. It is on the banks of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang River). The inlet by which Shanghai is located is called the Huangpu River (Huang Pu Jiang)Shanghai was not a major city until the 1800s, when it became a major trading port with Western countries. It is the biggest port in the world. Today, Shanghai is one of China's most important cites. Lots offoreign tourists go to Shanghai. Because Shanghai is so big and important and makes so much money, it is both a city and a province in China. During the Chinese New Year, the Shanghainese celebrate alot. Buddhism has a large and important role in Shanghai. Shanghai has a very particular culture which is different of the general chinese culture. First of all we will see the particularity of thegardens and the temples in Shanghai. Then we will interest to the bund and pudong wich represent the power and the « grandeur » of Shanghai. To finish we will develop the different district of Shanghaiwhich represent a particularity of this city.

Gardens and pavillon Temples, jade and jin’a temple :
Sitting on one of the busiest roads in Shanghai, Jing'An temple is one of the few you'llprobably see before you know what it is. Impressive from the outside with imposing walls, it is actually one of the less interesting inside - but still worth a look.
It has a long history, originally builtin the 3rd century, it was moved to its present site in the Song Dynasty, destroyed in 1851, rebuilt, turned into a plastics factory during the Cultural Revolution and renovated back into a temple in1983. It is undergoing constant renovation but its Song Dynasty architecture is beautiful and the temple is popular with tourists and practicing Buddhists alike.
The Jade Buddha Temple is probablythe most famous temple in Shanghai and will be printed on every hotel card destination listing. While the complex is small, it is interesting to wander through and has a number of halls to stop and...