What is a focus group ?

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What is focus group?
A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are invited to share their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas on certain subject. Organizingfocus group within an organization can also be very useful in getting buy-in to a project within that company.
How are they conducted?
Below the nine steps for conducting focus group:
1. Develop apurpose statement for your focus group
2. Determine the best participants (around 6-12 participants)
3. Recruit participants
4. Select a location and times for the focus group
5. Selecta moderator and recorder
6. Create a discussion guide
7. Prepare materials to use during the research group
8. Be mindful of duties for the « day of »
9. Analyzing what you learnedThe discussion groups should run no more than an hour and a half.
Who organizes them?
Organizations generally use focus groups in planning, marketing, or evaluation, either to improve some specificproduct or service or, more globally, during the development of strategic plans or mission statements. In the world of marketing, focus group are seen as an important tool for acquiring feedbackregarding new products, as well as various topics.
What type of questions are asked and to whom? Where?
The moderator should ask different types of questions:
* Opening questions : round robinquestion that everyone answers that are factual in nature
* Introductory questions : introduce the topic of discussion and/or provide an opportunity to reflect on past experiences
* Transitionquestions : move the conversation into the key questions
* Key questions : drive the study
* Ending questions : bring closure to the discussion
A focus group is typically composed of 6 to 12people. Participants are reasonably homogeneous and are selected on the basis of specific characteristics (age, gender, occupation, interest, education, group membership). The focus group should take...