What is a gated community

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Gated Community

What is a gated community ?

A gated community is a kind of residential community.
It is a residential area located on an spatial enclave. It is enclaved by walls and gateswhich are used to strictly control the entrance. To enter the place you have to be registered resident whit a photo ID or to be a friend with a specific permission : the person you went to see had had toprevent the guard gate and you will have to show your ID.
Gated community usually have their own private security guards. They call the police when the private guards have already arrested the thiefor resolve whatever happened.
In big community there is day-to-day activities in there. For example there is mall with all you have to get for your everyday life. Some people never go out of theircommunity because they don't find any reasons : everything is in there !!
In some upper communities there are a common swimming pool, a golf, parks, big library... All the infrastructures you are inneed of.
Communities are planned with sinuous roads witch can afford low density.

The surrounding wall made look the community like a fortress. It has different uses. First of all it's a spacebreaking, it's make a difference between the “safe” inside without violence, noise traffic and the “dangerous” outside with all its dangers and crimes.
Then it's a social breaking. Inside a gatedcommunity there is only people of the same social sphere, “people like you”.
To finish it's a legal breaking. Some community have set there own legislation. Moreover, there is lot of rules in there abouteverything. The way you have to take care about your garden, what you have to look like...

it's a co-ownership administer by an owner association.

Little of History.

Gated community hasexisted since the end of the XIX century in the USA. It has known little of success since its expansion in the 1970' for the upper class. It touch the middle class in the 1980' and 1990'.
At that time...