What makes people happy

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What makes people happy?

To be happy or not to be is a daily basis question for human being. For sure, every one is longing to lead a very happy and relaxing life. Yet, not every one achieves thisaim; this is due to several ways of measuring activities and dealing with life and surrounding. Some time, it is only due to the psychological stand of the person and his own perception, but forsure, other time, is because of the social atmosphere and external facts.

There is nothing that guarantees that a person will be happy for a certain time. It is up to the person. Regret in life has agreat influence on the person. One should live his life with a positive view and give no space for regret. It natural that a person do mistake, however some live with this feeling and can not cope withit and think a lot of what could have been better done. Due to this, such a person is certainly unhappy, others who are thankful for the experiences and learn from it.

Many discuss that a personshould live the moment, the present, neither the past nor the future. In facts, a person should take advantage of the opportunities and the chances he or she has and to learn how to focus on what theyhave and enjoy it fully to the most and to try to learn from the present opportunities to look for a better future. As the proverb says, one bird in hand is better than ten on the tree.

There are alot of external facts as well that interfere in mood of the person such as the environment. For example, in winter, it is clearly noticed that many people are in bad mood and gloomy while during thesummer the mood changes to a better one. In addition, the ecological environment and the green spaces allow people to lead a healthy life. As result, healthy life leads to happy life.

Leading avery sustainable economical life make life more stable. A good income let you think better of planning your life and the life of you family. Paying a visit here and there to relax brings a person to...