Who killed the electric car

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Who killed the electric car?
I/ Film Resume:

The film takes place in 1990. California is submerged by pollution. Desperate for a solution, the California Air Recourses Board(CARB) finds the source of its problem: Car. Inspired by a recent announcement from General Motors about an electric vehicle prototype, the Zero Emissions Mandate (ZEV) is born. It needs 2%of California's vehicles to be emission free by 1998, 10% by 2003. In 1997, in order to satisfy the largest car consuming market in the world, GM's EV-1 electric vehicle is created.The product was well welcomed by GM’s clients and consumers. GM's EV-1 appeared to be at the state of art car technology; this car is oil less, gasless, and functioned with an automaticgear box. 6 Years later... The electrical car impact is dead. EV charging stations disappeared in the California landscape. How could this occur? In fact, it was the gas lobby whichdid all that they could to make disappear the electrical car. The electric car threatened the status quo.

II/ My Opinion

In my view, Electric car give us a new car vision, a carwhich can be used without gas or anything else, but electric car has lot of problems.

Firstly, it doesn’t have a battery which can be used to do long trip. That’s why for the momentI think that’s not a valuable response to ecology. It exist few electric car which can do trip, go to high high km/h, but they cost more than 300 000€… Secondly, I thing that after theuse of an electric car, companies entomb batteries in Africa or in oceans… And to finish, I will open the discussion in saying, that, now, BMW has created the first car which use onlywater… But it can’t be used in public car because the system used all car boot (trunk), so we have to stand few year to can see that real car revolution used in our Cars.