Why don't keep things clean

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Professor Claire Lutkewitte

Comp 1500

1st Mmarch 2011

Why don’t Ppeople Kkeep Tthings Cclean?

My neighborhood, Bauhinia in Guadeloupe, is a beautiful neighborhood with one hotel and restaurant, and about 20 beautiful houses. It is located on the top of a facing the ocean. Each day, tourists are visiting. And the road is always dirty.Along the road there is garbage, and the gardens are unmaintained. For the tourists and all the inhabitants, it’s the garbage is not acceptable. Also the road is old and has holes everywhere. This bad environment does not show a good picture of our small city. The residence should also be safer; there are too many break-ins. It would be better to see the roads clean and beautiful. I think keepingthe island beautiful is important to our island’s economy, keeping tourists interested, and keeping the residents here happy with their homes.

There are many easy ways to keep the neighborhood clean. This is important because a lot of tourists are coming to this hotel, and I don’t think it’s a good thing that the place is not clean. People are coming here to find fresh air beautiful views, andto appreciate the landscapes and not to see garbage. Instead the first thing they are seeing is a dirty road. It’s their first impression, which is the most important. Just having a company paid by the city, the inhabitants and the hotel, who are coming every weak to clean and maintain the roads sides should be easy. Also, palm threes should be planted all along the road and the grass should bemaintained. Remove all the big garbage, which stays there for long time like an old container, all the

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cigarette butts and KFC wrappers on the pavement should be removed. At first glance, it may seem really expensive to send out cleaning crews to pick up the trash and clean the gardens all the time. But with a cleaner place more people will come. And if the neighborhoodcontinues to be dirty people will decide to go somewhere else. The economy of Sainte Anne, the city bauhinia is in, needs those tourists to live. Keeping this residence clean which contains one of the two hotels of Sainte Anne should be a priority for the city.

Every week people are damaging cars because of the holes in the road. It’s really bad for the tires and for the engine. Also sometimesdrivers are getting into accidents because they want to avoid the holes and don’t look in front of them. So finally it cost a lot in several ways. Rebuilt the road will have a cost but it will be less than the one it costs every day. Some people don’t want to come because of this road. They don’t want to take risk so they are going to another restaurant in another city. The city would gain revenuesrebuilding this road.

The security for inhabitant in their houses is one of the most important things. It should be the role of the police to catch all the robber. But because they can’t, invest in a gate at the entrance of the residence and filtering all the visitors would increase the safety. Again it will cost money to put in the gate and have a security guard at all time. But inhabitantsof the residence would agree to pay a part of the cost and the hotel the other part. On the website of the hotel people are saying that the residence where the hotel is located should be safer. And the restaurant will have more customers because some of them are afraid to let their cars in the unsafe parking.

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Because the economy is based on tourism every one have todo every thing to bring more and more tourists, with more and more money. Keeping the chic clientele is difficult because they are agreeing to spend a lot of money but they want every thing perfect. This problem has to be resolve and quickly for the well being of the economy.

Guadeloupe is a destination where people are coming to find calm to rest and escape the inconvenience of a big city,...