Why volunteer ?

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Which motivations ?
- to feel needed, proud
- to share a skill, to donate your professionnal skills
- to get to know a community, to make new friends
- to gain leadership skills
- to demonstratecommitment to a cause/belief
- satisfaction from accomplishment
- for recognition
- to repay a debt
- to test yourself (=tester vos compétences)
- to explore a career

Which are benefits ofvolunteering ?
People are volunteer for several reasons, everybody has your own, but it is especially to help and serve other people or even to get some benefits for yourself from this experience.The volunteering has been seeing as a form of charity for a long time - you help people who are not as fortunate as yourself - But it is more than that, it is an exchange. You help an other person andmaybe one day, an other person will help you for something else. Volunteering also includes « self-help ». Indeed, adding your effort to the work of others makes everyone’s lives better.

How dopeople get a paid international humanitarian job ?
Paid international humanitarain jobs are highly competitive. Indeed, the majority of the grassroots humanitarian organizations do not have enough moneyto host volunteers and they are run on the commitment of their members. So highly qualified candidates from all over the world are applying (=sont candidats) for these jobs with the internationalNGOs.

That is why these future volunteer have needed some skills:
- social work experience : assisting with the growth of the grassroots citizens organizations
- international experience : It is notjust window dressing, it is essential. Indeed, for the most international job announcements, an international work experience is required. You must know an other culture, the ropes, and understandhow international work is different from their work back home.
But, international volunteering is a great way to build your foundation for international work too.
- knowledge of different cultures :...