Work to live or live to work

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Work to live or live to work?

Nowadays, people are getting busier and busier. The figures of unemployment are placing work into one of the most important values of oursociety. Do people work to live or live to work? We’ll give some arguments leading to both points of view.

Firstly, everybody knows that to live people have to earn money and, to earn moneyyou have to work! Without any coin in pocket, people can’t really go far. That’s why most people are seeking for a job. The figures of unemployment show this phenomenon (8% of jobless people inFrance). Work to live means that if you work you can, for example, buy an apartment in a flat, a car to travel… Actually, it has been mostly compulsory to work.
Nevertheless, other people “liveto work”, and this way of thinking is completely different. It supposes that a certain kind of job brings you something you don’t have, as if it filled a lack. You may work because you learn toknow people (people you’ll never have met out of your job), you get in touch, discuss with others. It has a social intake.
Then, working teaches you to live. When you’re running into trouble,you have to find solutions, you work with people you never always like, you can sometimes have the whole liability on your shoulders… You become skilled at being responsible and that’s really apositive aspect.
To finish with, people work because they want to feel involved, requested in what they’re doing. In my opinion, to work has to be a main aim in a human-being’s life. That’s whysince a few decades, women are entering the labour market. They want to do something else than growing up their children, cleaning up their houses…

To put it in a nutshell, people work tolive because it has been compulsory to earn money. Yet others live to work. Work is a bit like a school for adults where you learn to live. So is work being the main value of our society?