Worksheet 2

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On the afternoon the house became theirs, they stood hand in hand in the little porch, birds singing all around them in the garden where boughs were still black andglistening with the chilly rain of early spring. they inlocked their front door, their hearts thudding with happiness, and stood un a very large room, facing capacious stairs. Someprevious owner had seen a home as they did. Walls had been pulled down to make this a room that accommodated nearly all the ground floor. One half of it was a kitchen,marked offfrom the rest by no more than a low wall that would have books on it, the other half with plenty of space for settees, chairs, all the sprawl and comfort of a family room.theywent gently, softly, hardly breathing, smiling and looking at each other and smiling even more because both had tears in their eyes they went across the bare boards that soonwould have rugs on them, and then slowly up the stairs where old-fashioned brass rods waited for a carpet.On the landing, they turned to marvel at the great room that wouldbe the heart of their kingdom. They went on up. The first floor had one large bedroom theirs; and opening off it a smallisg room, which would be for each new baby. There werefour other decent rooms on this floor. Up still generous but narrower stairs, and there were four more room whose windows, like the rooms below, showed trees, gardens, lawnsall the perspectives of pleasant suburbia. And above this floor was an enormous attic, just right for the children when they had got to the age for secret magicial games. Theyslowly descended the stairs, one flight, two, passing rooms, and rooms, which they were imagining full of children, relatives, guests, and came again into their bedroom.