Would you like living in the usa

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D.M. d’Anglais

Subject: Would you like living in the USA?
Most of what I know from the United States comes from the media as I have never been to the USA. Many people want to live in that countrywhere they can seek a better future. As far as I’m concerned I think I would like living there too. Many reasons lead me to think so.
The first one is that this country is the union of states whichare geographically different. Indeed, this country is situated mostly in central North America where it’s forty-eight contiguous states with over 310 million people. The USA is a country with aseveral ethnic groups since the population was Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Scandinavians who migrated during the 17th century. In spate of this language barrier, the Americans live together inpeace. What is very enriching for me it’s this concept of been united in the difference who points out an open-mindedness.
Secondly, I prefer the political system of USA. The Americans decide bythemselves whereas the Europeans expect the government to decide for them. So, in USA the population is really independent. For instance, Barack Obama is, today, the first black president in the USA.Moreover, the Americans vote for judges and police chiefs. So they have an ascendancy over the judicial circle. They vote too for school boards and attorney general. Thus, they can impact on theeducation. They can really impress on the education for our child as they can supported schools by individual donations. I believe it’s better since we know what our money has used for. That’s why there are inUSA some prestigious universities like Yale or Harvard.
I really want live in the USA to study in Harvard. Indeed with a rich history and a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, HarvardUniversity offers unique learning experiences across a broad spectrum of academic and social environments. Besides Harvard have several athletic facilities, such as the Lavietes Pavilion, and I want to...
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