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This will be the last time, I will tell this tale, and I must hurry,
Because my brothers are waiting for me and they say we must soon go.
So, if you are listening I shall begin and, I will tell youthe tale of
The Children of Lir “My name is Fionnua…


This is the Story of The Children of Lir .He was the Lord of the sea and ruler of the Tir Foai Tuin, the Land beneath the waves.There mother Eva was the most beautiful woman in all the De Dannan Tribe.

The Sleeping Queen

Me and my brother were swimming to the other side of the small pool…Then suddenly we heard a noise, acrackling of Branches. Suddenly, Mechar, Father’s most trusted servant surged out of a bush. He told us to follow him quickly. So we followed him home. When we arrived we found Mairid, the fat old cookand Fathala, one of mother’s maids, sitting together crying. Then we arrived in front a big blue wood door. We went in; the room was dark and blue. Lir was sitting at the bottom of it. He told us something was sleeping. At first we did not understand, but then we did. It was mother. It was a thing humans called ”dead”. But it was different because she was going to wake up one day…

A littlemagic

Years passed quickly while our mother wasn’t here. We met Aife, mother’s sister. She was beautiful. We spend a lot of time with her and at bov’s fort. Our father was a lot away. Aife could do alot of magic but her father, Bov, Could do better…

A Warning

Our father and Aife got married. I was Aife’s bridesmaid, and Conn carried the long shimmering silver gown.
I was resting under theapple tree next to the lake. When suddenly Conn’s kite flew in to the tree. Aedh started to climb the tree when suddenly Aife snapped:
-Just what do you think you’re doing, Aife exclaimed
-I’m tryingto get Conn’s kite, shouted Aedh
-Haven’t I told you a lot of times not to climb the tree’s!
-So no dinner for ALL of you, exiled Aife
So Aedh went down and we home.
But when we passed in the...