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2 p 53 : Which website mentioned one these pages gives you more information about endangered species ? Find the information. (name,address, date of creation, goal...)

There are two websites mentioned one these page.
The WWF (worldwildelife.org) was founded in 1961, now active in over 100countries. The organisation's international headquarters were established in Switzerland, and WWF offices were set up in many countries, starting with the UK.
Thewwf’s goal is to protect endangered species, and preserve forests. Around the world, WWF works with a wide range of partners to create solutions that takeaccount of the needs of both people and nature.
WWF is represented by a panda.

The other website is www.redlist.org. The Wold conservation union issues the RedList of Threatened Species. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is recognized as the most objective global approach for evaluating the conservation status ofplant and animal species.

3. Prepare your fact sheet

Animal : The ethiopian wolf

Country : Ethiopie

Habitat : It is a mammal. They lived onmontains, but now the last survivors live on a national park.

Diet : It is carnivore. It eats rodents like mouse or rat.

Interesting fact : the wolf’s survivalis the key to the continuation of the whole highland ecosystem. It is responsable for controlling the population of rodents.
It is the gardian the gardian ofhigh mountains of Africa.

Reasons why it endagered : They catched the rabies virus from the dog. They are the wold’s rarest wolf.

David koskas 4è5

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