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[pic] MEXICO

Mexico General Information

Population 122, 468, 855 (2010)
Annual Population Growth Rate 1, 1 %
GDP Growth Forecast 5, 0% (2012)Language: Spanish

Market Access

The three major commercial areas of the country are: the capital (Federal District) and its suburbs, Guadalajara and Monterrey.The emergence of a middle class in recent years has greatly increased the importance of the retail sector.
Supermarkets: Wal Mart de Mexico, Controladora Comercial Mexicanaand Gigante are the 3 main groups of Mexican supermarkets

Customs duties and import taxes in 2006: the average fee, according to UNCTAD, was 11.5%. This is a relativelyhigh tax, compared to the tax imposed by other countries such as Brazil, China and Russia.
Customs classification Mexico applies the Harmonised Customs System.

Strengths- Given its geographical position, Mexico forms a bridge between North America and Latin America
- Mexico has a wide variety of natural resources, allowing thedevelopment of all types of industries at competitive prices;
- Mexico is the eighth tourist destination in the world.
- Mexico is very open to foreign direct investment
-The cost of labour is not very high and, in general, it is described
- Positive structural reforms were launched during the current presidential term;


- Thecountry depends heavily on its partnership with USA
- The level of corruption is high
- In recent months, violence has increased, particularly at the level of drug cartels- The country encounters significant structural problems (economic and social).

1/ Analyze the situation of the company on the market including its strengths and weaknesses