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Topics covered:
• Activity Appropriate Shoes
• Birthdays at Coleman
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring
• To Bring or Not To Bring
• Bunk Assignments
• Care Packages
• Clothing & Appropriate Dress
• Confidential Information about your camper
• General Contact Information for Parents &Campers
• Contacting the Camp during the Summer
• Contacting the Camp on Opening & Closing Day
• Camp Dates & Times
• Dietary Needs
• Driving to Camp
• E-Mails
• Gratuities & Tips
• Insurance Policy
• Intersession
• Keeping in touch with your camper
• Other ways to Keep In Touch
• Luggage
• Summer office hours
• Packing
•Standard Protocol for Making & Returning Parent Phone Calls...
• Photos
• Programming
• The Camp Play
• Safety and Security
• Supervisors
• Visitation Policy
• A Special Note About Year-Round Internet Networking

Activity Appropriate Shoes

Camp Coleman has a very hilly terrain and the paths can be rocky. This is one important reason to come to camp with theappropriate shoes. The other important thing to keep in mind in preparing for camp is activity appropriate shoes.

Campers are expected to wear Sneakers for Sports, Etgar (Challenge activities, like Ropes Course, Climbing Tower, Mountain Biking, Zip Line, etc.) or anything physically challenging.

**Please Note**

Campers may have to plan ahead for their activities for the 3 morning periodsor for the 3 afternoon periods. For example, if your camper has Israeli Scouting first period, Arts & Crafts second period and Sports third period s/he will need to wear sneakers all morning as there is no time between activity periods to go back to the bunk to change shoes. Keep in mind it is more important to wear sneakers to Sports than it is to wear aqua-socks to Swimming, so if campers haveSports and Swimming in the morning (periods 1, 2 or 3); then sneakers should be worn to all of the morning activity periods.

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Birthdays at Coleman

Any Child celebrating a birthday while at Camp Coleman will receive a special cake on their birthday and we will sing Happy Birthday to them. Please, DO NOT SEND FOOD ITEMS.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

CampColeman faculty members offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring to campers who will be celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in September, October, November or December, 2008. We do not guarantee that your child's knowledge will improve; however, we do work hard to ensure that your child's skill level remains the same. To sign your child up for tutoring, please use the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Form. This form can be foundin the parent information center of our website.

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To Bring or Not To Bring

Camp Coleman cannot take responsibility for personal items your camper may choose to bring to camp. We strongly discourage you from allowing your camper to bring such items. If you must send these items, we strongly encourage you to purchase the A. M. Skier Camp Insurance. We are a non-profit campand cannot afford to help you replace any lost or misplaced items.

• We dress informally at camp. Please do not send new and expensive clothing. We ask that all clothing be appropriate and respectful. Please remember proper shoes are essential for life at camp.
• For Friday nights, the attire is WHITE ONLY - that is; white shorts, shirts, dresses, etc. If you cannot find white shorts wewill allow khaki shorts or pants. This helps us to create a beautiful Shabbat atmosphere.
• Do not send valuable jewelry.
• Do not send spending money to camp with your camper - it is not needed and given to them when on trips.
• Please label everything your child brings to camp with their entire name (not initials). See name tape and stamp options at .