Zazie dans le metro

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  • Publié le : 4 novembre 2010
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Why am I so ugly? Why can I be like, I don’t know, Eliane or Anne-Federic? Tall, perfect body shape and that gorgeous face she has, just makes me want to rip her head off. God, thisis so unfair. I can’t even stand in front of a mirror anymore. It discourages me, only makes me feel worst and worst about myself. I just can’t find anything pretty when I stare at myreflection. Offensive of sight, unpleasant to look at, extremely unattractive, that’s what I am. If my name was in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure that in the synonyms I’ll findugliness. Argh, just look at my face. I have those small Asian eyes that nobody can see. And that big fat repulsive nose that covers almost half of my face. Plus, my body isn’t evenproportionate. Those big shoulders just make me be similar to… Oh god, I just realize that I look like a man. Even my breast is the tiniest thing ever. That’s not all, I am 17 years old and I’mbarely 5 foot 2. I’m like thee shortest kid ever. Why is life so unjust? Why there’re some persons who are born naturally stunning and I have to live my ugly ducky life? And alreadyI’m not that perfect good-looking girl; I have to burn myself when I was younger with an iron to have these two hideous scars on my arm today. Now, not only I’m unsightly but also I’mfinding myself brainless. But hold on, my hair is well turnout today. Plus, lots of people have already commented how my hair is soft. Yeah, I can say that I have nice hair. How about mysmile? It’s not that bad. At least God gave me something that I can consider myself… ok. Finally, I’m not that horrible. No less then I don’t scare anybody, I think? Ok My Tam, youhave to stop underestimating yourself. You are beautiful, you are fine, and you are capable. You’ve learned that in sexuality class, so use it more often. Ahh, I feel much better now.