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[pic]by Meike de Haas, Netherlands
Writers' Corner On-Line Chat With Zlata Filipovic
She is perhaps the most famous Bosnian child living in exile. On June 2, 1995, Zlata Filipovic met with children around the world in the Kidlink chat area for a four hour on-line conversation. She was the first writer invited by Kidlink kids to the Writers' Corner.

From a laptop computer in her Paris home,she discussed her book (Zlata's Diary), war and peace in Bosnia, and the Zlata fund -- money she is raising for children displaced or orphaned by the war. Many of the children in the audience participated in reading circles with classmates and teachers before meeting with Zlata. Their preparation was evident in the questions they asked the author.
In the more unstructured second half of the chat,Zlata allowed us to peek over her shoulder as she hung out with her new found international community of friends. Many adults watched silently in the background as the children's conversation slipped back and forth between discussions about life, death and MTV. After four hours, Zlata did not want to leave.
Not only did Zlata connect with many new friends, she also discovered that other Bosnianchildren were attending schools linked to the Kidlink network. As a result of this chat, Kidlink members convinced several companies to donate a laptop, modem and software to Zlata permanently so that she could establish regular contact with other Bosnian children living in exile throughout the world.
Everyone was captivated by her warmth, her message and her intelligence. But most of all, we allhope that the on-line session helped Zlata recapture a tiny strand of her lost childhood.
[pic]Zlata sends her special thanks to World Com Exchange Inc. in Salem, New Hampshire for donating a DEC laptop computer and modem to her. She also thanks Hewlett Packard for the inkjet printer, Lotus Development Corporation and Qualcomm Corporation for the software that will allow her to continuecommunicating and spreading her message worldwide over the Internet. Finally, she wishes to thank Planete Internet in France for providing her with a free web page and e-mail account.
The Chat Begins
*** Zlata (Michel.God@ppp02.remcomp.fr) has joined channel #zlata
Hi Michel, is Zlata with you?
Hello it's Zlata
Hi Zlata!! It's great to see you!
How are you doing?
Hello Zlata
Fine andyou
So good to see you here
YEAH it's great
I think you'll enjoy watching people talk to you .... thank you so much for coming
I'm fine thank you
Is michel there too??? :-) Nice person huh?
hello John, it's Michel
Zlata is taking over the keyboard. I think she can do it very well with short sentences.
she is very fluent!
hi zlata
my mom says hi
hi katie
Katie: Hito your mom
How are you?
fine how are you
we're going to let folks on until it starts getting crowded and we must go formal then
do you have any new pets?
NO not yet
hi all
Hi Rosie
Would you like some questions yet!?
hi katie
Hi, Rosie!
Zlata-Hello from Ohio
Hello Ohio
just casual hellos sister :)
ROSIE ,how are you?
Thanks, JodyGee!
Hi, Zlata!!*** A-Kim is now known as Natalie
hi zlata
So Zlata knows, can you all tell her where your from?
We have eight 7th and 8th graders (your age) to talk to you!
*** A-Sis is now known as Amanda
HI jody
Hi ASis
hi Zlata i really like your book
Zlata-I'm 11 years old and I'm from ohio
Zlata, I'm from England. I'm 14
Zlata, there are sometime many people at the same computer.
I'mfrom NH
hi ZLATA I READ YOUR book it was great
Hi Zlata I/m from Sweden
Anthony wants to say.... bon soi!
zlata-we are in the middle of reading your book, It's great!!!
i'm from dallas texas
I loved your book zlata
it is very moving, you are very expressive
zlata how old are you now?
I'm 14
Thanks to all...
i'm 10
zlata how close were you and nena?