A good education

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English C1
H********* Christopher

« A good education is the key to a successful life. »

First of all, it would be useful to define what a good education means. It can be seen from differentpoints of view. Learning good maners, being polite, belonging to a world famous university or succeeding in a hard subject? What is a good education and does it make you succeed in life?

Some peoplewould tell you that a good education is something about how to behave in the daily life with the people you meet. It can be taught by your parents or a school. Some private schools or universitiessuch as the EHL (école hôtelière Lausanne) claim to provide that kind of education. I think it is useful in the way that interactions with people can be easier, but it is not a cause of success. It mayhelp you, but as the knowledge of a foreign language, it's only a tool.

In a quite similar way of thinking, I would place the fame of the university you are or were attending. The people will payyou more attention if you're from a well reputable institution, for example if you're applying for a job. But I think the qualification ( or degree ) you have is worth a lot more than where you arefrom. A qualification doesn't only gives information about who you might be, it provides the skills you have. So if you want to succeed in a particular field, I think it's the best you can you.However, if your way of being successful is much more ambitious, like becoming famous or rich, I think the motivation and creativity you have gets more important than your education.
A good education (inall different meanings) gives you all the tools to succeed, but for sure it's not « free success ». No matter what your background is, you have to keep going forward to be successful.

Havingdiscussed education as a general theme, we were then asked to relate to our own experience as students by reflecting on our personal learning style and the way we could improve it.

I tend to be someone...