A multi-personality case

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Jennifer Smith is a 25 years old young woman. She’s accused of having killed 17 persons. Each of them were savagely strangled and cut in pieces. The common point between each victim is the strange sign found on the arm of the victims. It had been identified as the signature of the murder. Besides, many letters were sent to the press in where she claimed hercrimes. Much evidence is against Miss Smith. So I will introduce the characters: Zeenath will play Jennifer, the defendant, Guillaume will represent the accusation, the doctor, and a neighbor, Charlotte will represent the defense and the victim, and I will be the judge.
Opening of the trial n°1256 opposing Miss Smith to the State of Texas
JUGE: Do you plead guilty or not guilty?
DEFENSE: My client suffers from serious psychiatric confusion. She’s attained of schizophrenia, indeed she’s taken herself for the Messenger of god on earth. Therefore, we plead guilty but we ask for the dismissal of the charges because of the well-known irresponsibility of my client.
JUGE: The speech is to the claimant.
ACCUSATION: I call to the stand Mrs. Charlotte Brown.
JUGE: Do youswear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
VICTIME: I swear.
ACCUSATION: Please, introduce yourself.
VICTIME: My name is charlotte Brown, I live in, …, I work in a primary school ?
ACCUSATION: Do you know this lady here?
VCTIME: She ... she tried to kill me:’(
ACCUSATION: What happened? How did she?
VICTIME: Please … please it was awful!!! I don’t … don’t want toremember!
ACCUSATION: Come on … what happened? We need you to bring out the truth! If you tell us what happened, then you will have your Revenge on her!
VICTIME: Ok … I will … try:’(
ACCUSATION: So, what happened?
VICTIME: I was in a bar … A Young woman talked to me, I don’t remember so much what happened, I think that she put something in my glass, some drug, she offers me a casting, she had linksin the middle of the cinema, indeed my dream is to become a great actress, I followed her at home, then I don’t remember anymore. All of that I remember is that I awoke with a dreadful pain in the neck at the hospital. The policemen who were there explained to me they had found me in shed as half cut. I had lost a lot of blood... I was very weak.
ACCUSATION: Can you show us your scar?
(VICTIMEshow her scar, « Ooooww :S »)
ACCUSATION: That’s all, your honor.
DEFENSE: I call to the stand Jennifer’s neighbor
JUGE: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
VOISIN: I swear.
DEFENSE: Could you introduce yourself please?
VOISIN: I live on Elena street, number 25, I work in a
DEFENSE: Do you know this young lady?
VOISIN: Yeah … it’s my neighborDEFENSE: Have you ever talked to her?
VOISIN: well, not really, when I see her, she quickly hides herself
DEFENSE: What can you say about her?
VOISIN: Mmh … She’s a bit strange, weird you know. She doesn’t talk much. Her curtains are always closed. She’s very thin and some nights, I hear some really really strange noises coming from her flat, sounds like slaughtered pigs.
DEFENSE: Is she mad?VOISIN: Well, I don’t really know her, I can’t make up my mind about her insanity or whatever … Sometimes she offers me cookies, but as I said, she does really strange things.
DEFENSE: Like what? Tell to the court please.
VOISIN: In a rainy afternoon, I was looking through the window and you know what I saw? I saw her naked, jumping around the square … Oh another day she was creeping to go upstairs …It was a bit scared …
JUGE: Others questions master?
DEFENSE: That’s all, your honor.
ACCUSATION: I call Jennifer to the bar.
JUGE: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ?
ACCUSE: my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and I live in Texas. Elena street number 26 near the rail way station.
ACCUSATION: What’s your profession?
ACCUSE: I am...
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