A succes story

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Commentary, A succes story

This document is an extract from a novel : A scattering of Seeds The creation of

Canada writen in 1999 by Lindalee Tracey, she was an Candian broadcast journalist,documentary filmmaker, writer and former exotic dancer. This text aims at showing

the adventure of a couple who decide of leave his country for live in Canada wich is

for her the new‘Garden of Eden’. This exctract can be divided in three parts: In first

part who are this two characters and why they decided to lived this adventure, in

second part the disenchantment of this couplein his new world, for finish, in third part
the share of their experiences through letters from Jane to her family

Firstly we can introduce the hero of this adventure: Bob and Jane Aberson. Theyare husband and wife. Jane comes from a rather rich Holland family (she had a

servants), Bob who are a neighbour should have the same condition of life. The two

partner want to leave theHolland because they both love adventure, for finish they

decided to emigrate in Canada. They do this because they saw an attractive billboard

which deal of Canada and particulary the Manitobaregion. This region are presented
like a place with boundless wheat fields, a clean, a new place which they are always

dreamed. Moreover the couple of farmer with her baby who are in thisbillboard are

happy to live in Canada and they are exactly what Bob and Jane search. A place who

offer a challenge ‘a place to rool up their sleeves and live by their muscle and wit,

somethingto be earned, not inherited’ l.23-25. However in their arriving they

understood thatthe billboard are in realty a billboard of Canadian propaganda.

Secondly we can talk about the disenchantmentof this couple at their arrival in this new

world. Bob and Jane find at their arrival not a wheat fields, not a clean place. They find

weeds and their log cabin which are for the moment...