I always hated hollidays

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“I ALWAYS HATED HOLIDAYS…” (p. 14-15 Broad Ways Terminales)

Illustration : Cartoon by Rupert Besley (http://mysite.freeserve.com/besleycartoons)
We are immediately struck by / What strikes usfirst is the row of caravans on a campground… All the caravans look similar / look practically the same size / colour… It must take place in the country / in the summer / at the height of the summerseason / at the peak of the tourist season… We are given the impression that the field is overcrowded / that the caravans are crammed into a limited space… The cartoon is based on a contrast between thedrawing and the caption… The caption clearly conveys the idea that people long to escape from urban life, but it is quite difficult to do so… There is no getting away from “madding crowds” / a grey,monotonous, standardised world… All the caravans look alike and the grey colour reinforces the impression of monotony and conformism… The holiday-makers want to avoid / forget the stress of urban life /enjoy the peace and quiet of the country / escape from the hustle and bustle of city life / take a break from work… They are looking forward to camping in the wild / enjoying nature… This dream is infact an illusion… The caption is ironic and denounces our life in a standardised world… The cartoonist certainly intends to warn us about the dangers of mass tourism… The message is quite pessimisticand unfortunately it is quite realistic…

In this excerpt from David Lodge's novel, Sheldrake is doing a Ph.D. on tourism and he claims that“… tourism is the new world religion.” (l. 13) Sheldrakeis being very provocative… It is an unexpected statement… His opinion contrasts / is in sharp contrast with public opinion… He asserts / claims that it’s a waste of time / he couldn’t stand / bearbeing on a beach for hours / he was fed up with / he didn’t fancy playing on a beach… He’d rather stay at home… As a student he didn’t feel like travelling… He was unwilling to go abroad… He went to...