I have a dream (commentaire texte)

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I have a dream 2
(2ème partie du speech de MLK)

(Commentaire préparé pour l'oral d'anglais au bac,
texte divisé en 2 parties)


This is a speech by blablabla (auteur / date / lieu)Resituer contexte (Civil Rights movement / 1964 Civil Rights Act)
Annoncer plan (First I will explain… Then/Second I will discuss/develop/present...)

I/ Acknowledgement of the situation in 1963The reality of segregation and racism :
l.7-8 => MLK talks about "the heat of oppression"
l.9-10 => people are still judged according to the colour of their skin.
-> this is true in 1963. Althoughthere has been some improvements, some changes in the situation (1954 Brown vs Board of Education + ...), segregation is still legal in 1963, and a reality in people's everyday lives (voir cours pourles détails)

Moreover, some states refused the new laws imposing desegregation in certains fields
cf "interposition" and "nullification" (l.13) (concepts à expliquer, voir cours)

To give more strength to his point (= pour donner davantage de poids à ses propos), MLK uses negatives metaphors when talking about segregation and racism:
l.7 "sweltering with the heat ofinjustice [...] heat of oppression"
l.12 "viscious racist" governor is pictured like "having his lips dripping with the words of nullification and interposition"

Transition :
However, despitethe situation, MLK still dreams of a better future. In his speech, he repeats several times "I have a dream", which is why this speech is now referred to to as "I have a dream".

II/ The dream

A/Definition of MLK's dream

Use of positive metaphors / positive language as opposed to the negative metaphors/language when talking about present situation / present segregation / racismbrotherhood (l.6) / together (l.6) / join hands (l.14) / sisters and brothers (l.14-14)
=> dream of unity between all the Americans whatever the colour of their skin.
metaphor of "the sons of former...